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Taiwan Pingtung District Court





        In Japan occupied time, the jurisdictional area of this court was subordinated to Kaohsiung District Court. After Taiwan restoration, the population and cases increased significantly in Pingtung County. Therefore, we set up Pingtung District Court on December 20th, 1949 (the thirty-eighth year of the Republic). Because of the shortage of fund, we didn't have our own office building at that time, we rent a office space in the building of Chinian Hotel in Pingtung City. On September 20th, 1953, the court moved to the building of Miengjheng High School at No. 9 Bepieng Rd., Pingtung City. Finally, it moved to the newly built judicial building at No. 9 Bangchiu Rd., Pingtung City, on January 1988, where the court continues to hear cases to this day.

     Old Pingtung Court   Pingtung District Court is located in the southernmost county of Taiwan, Pingtung County. Its jurisdiction covered the whole Pingtung County, which extends east to Hsiungfeng Peak in Wutai Townships, faces the Taiwan Straits in the west, and is separated from Kaohsiung County in the north by the Kaoping River. The county is 27,756.003 square kilometers in area, and has approximately a population of 900,000.

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