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Taiwan Pingtung District Court


Summary Courts


        In order to expedite trial and conclusion of summary cases, to help lighten the burdens of litigations of the people and to upgrade the quality of the trial, summary divisions are established to take charge of criminal and civil summary cases, and cases for rulings and punishments in accordance with the Social Order Protection Law. Through convenient and expeditious trial procedures, the court can promptly resolve the venial disputes or offenses and safeguard the stability of people| s daily life.

      Upon application by a plaintiff, the civil summary procedure is for the amount or the value of object of not more than 300 thousand NT dollars and for others simple legal relations such as: definite lease and loan, short-term hire of services, dispute between a traveler and an innkeeper or a restaurant keeper, protection of possession, determination of boundary lines of real estate, a claim relating to a negotiable instrument a claim relating to a loan association, interest and bonus matters provided by laws.

  • Release Date:2021-05-04
  • Update:2021-05-04